Friday, December 11, 2009



9.47pm at umsc ward..

roh dan jasad


mama pergi meninggalkan alam maya..

perasaan:no need to ask..

semua org risau..

i know sometime i over reacted, pura2 happy terlampau..

but, wut can i do?

i dont want anyone to worry so much abt me..

i'm okey..

i'm fine..

life got to move on..

i understand perfectly..


gimme some space..

let dis pathetic girl rebound..

i lost my mom,my bestfriend n my everything..

tersangat rindu mama..

tapi ALLAH lagi sayang mama..

semoga ALLAH mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh mama n tempatkan mama di syurga yg teratas..


i also pray for those who had lost their parents earlier
to those who still have both of them, appreciate them,shower them with love n happiness..

never let them down..never,ever!


blackunwhite said...

azhana, ur one strong girl. respect :) i miss u loads babe. hope to see u when i come back to msia soon. muahs

asam-manis said...

i could only imagine how u feel, azhana. lots of love to u. :)

najlaa said...

i sayang u

azura said...

ji paham ur condition..
i lost my dad masa final xm 2nd year..
he was my bestfriend..i totally rase ccm lost..but life must move on right! so aji percaya yg hana boleh face it and move on with ur life..and make ur mom proud of u..cus i am proud of u my lil sis!!