Thursday, December 18, 2008

OLe-OLe dari bandung..

Hooorey!!!i dapat cd afgan...
best bangeeeet..
dalam cd ni semua lagunye yg ngetop2..
bertambah la koleksi i..
thanx banget sahabatku lala atas ingatan..
sayang bangeeeeeet sama kamu..
thanx so much babe!!muaxh

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

ahmad adif..oh..ahmad adif..

~angau mode~

mungkin ade yang familiar dengan name tersebut..
ingat lagi tak"kaf-ba-ra-kaf-alif-taAlign Center-nun"..

dat phrase sangat sinonim dengan si adif dalam satu drama satu mase dahulu..

well,i'm not talking about dat adif tapi another adif yang sangat best!!

ustaz rock!!phewit~~

hahaha..jangan terkezutttt..

sangat sangat sweet ini mamat..tapi malangnye dia hanye wujud dalam novel..huhuhuhu..

ikutilah cerita ahmad adif ni dalam tas merah jambu, karya syud

dalam kebun cinta..

best bangaaaaaaaaat!!!

sangaaaaat sweet this novel ade 3story tapi i belum khatam..baru habes satu cerita n another 2 story to go..sesiape yg nak dptkan novel ni bolehla ke webside jemari seni..
ter'promote' novel pulak kan tetibe..hehehehe

Saturday, December 13, 2008

eidul adha..

eidul adha tahun ni best sesangat..
maybe because my parents is around..
walaupun raya haji tapi dah ala-ala raya puasa jugak la..
ziarah-menziarahi sambil makan sampai nak pecah perut..
jadi utk membolehkan kitorg makan ke semua rumah yg dikunjungi..
cara2nye ialah dgn berjalan kaki ke rumah saudara-mara..
semua orang terkezuuut..
bila orang tanye.. 'datang naik ape??'
kitorang jawab dgn selambanye.. 'jalan kaki'
diorang balas pulak..'kenapa?'
kitorang pun jawab balik..'exercise'(alasan!)

uniknya singapura..

i know dis post tersangat la lambat..tapi takpe..better late than never,ritee!!
kalau org tanye i,best x pegi singapore?i'l definetly anwser best!!
reason being?bersih n sistematic..
tapi in term of tmpt2 bersejarah gitu xbyk sgt..
kalau bab shopping?!superb..
kebetulan mase i pegi haritu baru start sale..sangat2 best!!
tapi..currency membantutkan segalanyeee..
how i wish currency kite same..
kalo xdifikirkan rate 2.4 tu,dah lame dah i bolot sume bende..
selain itu,halal food pun senang n menarik..
antara yang i sempat rase n mmg sedap
nasi ayam penyet,rojak(lain dr rojak kat m'sia), mee goreng seafood..
i pun sempat jugak pegi umah my friend haini(kak long)..
thanx so much kak long bawak i jenjalan!!muaxh

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Object of Despair

A poem by Fahim Firfiray (Abu Omar)

Emma is a lawyer
And so is Aisha too
Colleagues going into court
At circa half past two

Its 1 O'clock right now
They grab a bite before the trial
They chat about this and that
Conversing with a smile

Aisha is in full hijab
With a loose all over suit
Emma's in her business wear
With accessories taboot

Emma's really quite bemused
At Aisha's godly ways
She looks Aisha in the eyes
And very firmly says

You're a smart girl Aisha
Why do you wear that across your hair?
Subjugated by "man"-kind
An object of despair

Take it off my sister
Let your banner be unfurled
Don't blindly follow all around

Aisha is amazed
But not the least bit shy
She bravely puts her milk shake down
And gives Emma the reply

My dear sister Emma,
Why do you dress the way you do?
The skirt you're wearing round your waist,
Is it really you?

Now that we've sat down,
I see you tug it across your thighs,
Do you feel ashamed?
Aware of prying eyes?

I see the way you're sitting,
Both legs joined at the knees,
Who forces you to sit like that?
Do you feel at ease?

I'll tell you who obliges you,
To dress the way you do,
Gucci, Klein and St. Laurent,
All have designs on you!

In the main, its men my friend,
Who dictate the whims of fashion,
Generating all the garb,
To incite the basest passion

"Sex Sells" there is no doubt,
But who buys with such great haste,
The answer is the likes of you,
Because they want to be embraced......

They want to be accepted,
On a level playing fieldSure,
with brain and intellect
But with body parts revealed

Intelligence and reason
Are useful by and by
But if you want to make a mark
Stay appealing to the eye

You claim your skirt is office like
A business dress of sorts
Would we not laugh at Tony Blair
If he turned up in shorts?

His could be the poshest pants
Pinstripe from Saville Rowe
But walking round like that my friend
He'd really have to go

Why do you douse yourself with creams
To make your skin so milky?
Why do rip off all your hair
To keep your body silky?

A simple shower's all you need
To stay respectable and clean
The time and money that you spend
Is really quite obscene

Why do you wake up at dawn,
To apply a firm foundation,
Topped with make up and the like,
In one chaotic combination?

And if you should have to leave the house
Devoid of this routine
Why do you feel so insecure
That you should not be seen?

Be free my sister Emma
Escape from your deep mire
Don hijab today my friend
And all Islam's attire

Avoid all those sickly stares
Or whistles from afar
Walk down the street with dignity
Take pride in who you are

Strength lies in anonymity
Be a shadow in the crowd
Until you speak and interact
When your voice will carry loud

You're a smart girl Emma
Wear this across your hair
Don't be subjugated by "man"-kind
An object of despair

To use your very words my friend
Let your banner be unfurled
Don't blindly follow all around