Wednesday, September 24, 2008


last weekend,there's a debate tournament n its compulsory for me to join it..why?its in order for me to pass my co-curicular activity..yeah..i took debate for my co-cu..i hate to debate yet i have to debate..hohoho..mula2 saje2 la kan..ala tough can it be?hahaha.. yeah is tough though..especially for someone yg xbace newspaper macam i n live in my own sweet world..
berbalik kpd cite last week punye tournament, there's three rounds n finals.. obviously,i dint get into finals..tapi mase 3rd round,the topic was about bumiputera rights; there should not be quota for bumiputera in the university..i wonder why they give such topic by the way(coz x ramai malaysian dlm tournament tu)..x kisah la kan..blasah je la..i was the opposition leader..btw,the debate was bp style.. guess what??i was the one and only malay in d team..all of them were foreigner and they actually does not know n aware about the bumi's right and they all belasah sesuka hati je..the gov was a bit okey la coz they just hav to touch on equal rights, equal treatment-pendek kate everything yg bley pakai common sense je..on part on opposititon mmg 'kureng' habes la..i mean i'm d one who talk about malay rights as stated in FC bla,bla..tapi i missed out one point(damn it!)..if not we cud have win or got 2nd place..the closing gov was good tapi certain point mmg nampak sgt diorg belasah sesuka hati(and they refused to take my POI)-they won by the way..
After few rounds debating, i found out tht debating is intresting even sometimes(most of the time actually) i feel instructor siap suro i pegi debate training..klaka sungguh..tapi boley je kalo pegi for fun-can we like go for debate training but dont hav to debate;)..there's some sort of saying wc is "if u dont debate u are not human"-is it??? kinda true though coz in daily life we dint just simply agree on what ppl say even sometimes thts the truth.. everything is subjective(there is no yes or no anwser)..
FC- federal constitution
POI-point of information
BP STYLE- british parliament style(consist of 4 teams,2 in each team-opening gov,closing gov, opening opp,closing opp)

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