Tuesday, September 4, 2007


he's cute rite???hehe..nvr heard of his name until the movie G.O.A.L...he acted well as santiago in d movie wc make me watch it 3time repeatedly...d movie is fantastic..about football of course.. now there is goal2 n comin up goal3..goal is a start for santiago(kuno becker) as a professional footbal player in newcastle united..while in goal2 he plays in real madrid n comin up goal3 he will b playing for the world cup..basically thts about it...for football fan do watch d movie if u havent.. i really like d movie so so much..d best movie wc describe football well...
"when u r good no one can tell tht u r not good enough,even someone those,u know tht u r good n u d only one tht can make it happen!!"..

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