Tuesday, September 4, 2007

a moment of reflection..

do u need to pretend??is being urself is not good enough??do we hav to fake it even if we dont like it??wut am i suppost to do?be myself or fake as sumone else..arrrrgh hard to explain..
the most important think is not about fake it or make it or wut,it is how we deal with situation.. sometime we r caught up with situation wc make us look so ugly n it does not necesserily potray who we really are..wuts important is we know who we are n be urself..some ppl might hate it n some might like it..whoever they are..they have no right to judge!!even if they do..why do we care??who are they to tell us wut to do??even if they said so..its up to us either to be infected or not by their point of view..when ppl tell u something,u dont have to take all personally,think 1st,is it a fact or a trash..sometime ppl juz talk without thinking..we do it all the time right!!
if u feel tired with ur life, take a break n reflect..it make us realize of our own act,sometime we act properly n sometime we dont..it is a time for us to correct urself n then move on..even we r so depressed n miserable with our ownself dont take ur life with your own hand..why do i say this??????????because some ppl easily lost their mind n do a miserable thing..if u done any mistake just now,yesterday,yesteryears or in your past..reflect n make a point to urself tht u regret it n move on..the past is past..future is still there for us to be a better creation who had learn from their own mistake and are ready to face with any obstacles tht might come along the way..life is to short to live with a same thing twice..make a move,change ur attitude,change ur mind set,u can do it!!!live life to fullest..a loser always think about wut think is like if it done in different ways while a winner just do it differently n experience it by its own..

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lala said...

fake it!!fake it till u made it..!!