Friday, November 28, 2008

i'm back..

macam lame pulak menghilang..even its cuti n i'm suppost to update d blog regularly but unfortunately been a lil busy..hahaha..busy la sangat kan;)
last week i involved wit one 'program cuti sekolah' as a fasilitator..being an only child n xpernah ade adek,parah jugak la mase 1st day..those kids are arnd 9-10yrs old..terkezuut mase 1st day cause byk cerite jugak budak2 ni..mcm2 ragam n pelbagai jenis soalan(wc i tink a kind of pelik soalan to be asked..but hey,there's just kids!)..macam dah rindu pulak kat budak2 ni wlpn d programme just ended few hours ago..eventhough budak2 tu full of 'ragam' but there r a great person actually..kdg2 they just do something to attract our attention..skrg ni i salute habes for those yang jadi cikgu!!especially to all my teachers..i xtau la mcm mane gaya i dulu but i'm suppost i'm d 'budak nakal' type coz all d teachers can remember me very very well.. there's only two type of group dat d teachers will remember very very well, its either u'r a smart type or a 'nakal' type..and in my case i'm of d second type..huhu..
selain d cuti sekolah programme,i also went to s'pore for holiday!!sempat lagi kan?hehe..biase la..its always like that..if i have a programme mmg at times jadual mmg full habisan tapi kalo xde mende tu,lapang sangat..since trip to s'pore is pre-arrange,so, i have to go to s'pore for a while n come back for the programme yesterday..selamat yesterday lawatan je n today dah last day.. kalo tidak pengssan..
P/S:i'll upload all d photos real soon..

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