Thursday, October 16, 2008

hidup yang rumit..

exams is around d corner..
gimana seh mau score??
any idea ppl??
makin lame makin susah..
me n my friend dah came to a conclusion dah(maybe we silap ambik course..hahaha)
wut a chicken statement right??well..biase la..dah cuak habes ni..
dis sem horror habes eventho i hav a marvelous lecturer..
all d subject mencabar ketahanan mental yg tahap menggunung..
most of d subject stressed on the concept n i'm d opposite..i mmg xbley masuk dgn all those concept..sakitnye otak ku..
belajar,belajar!!stop complaining!!
~perjuangan belum selesai..never say die before u try!!!

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